TU Wien Informatics

How To

Read this page carefully before you start to work.


You will get an account automatically with enrolling to a course. Note that accounts might not be created or activated before a course starts. Please note that you will have the acceptable use policy upon setting the password for your account.


To initially set your password or to change it later visit https://password.inflab.tuwien.ac.at. You will need your TU Wien TUaccount credentials.

Network / Remote Login

You can access the your InfLab account worldwide by connecting to ssh.inflab.tuwien.ac.at with any SSH speaking terminal. This alias will always point to a generic server which may or may not have your courses special software set installed.

The public ssh host keys may be found here, fingerprints may be found here.

For some courses we provide specialized application servers, which have the complete software environment installed (just like a client PC). You can find more info on your courses homepage.


A set of generic free software is installed on Linux and Windows Clients and on the applications servers. For example, you can use your account to host a GIT repository.

If you miss any (free) software that you would like to use in your course, then go ahead, just ask for it (see support below). We will always try to help out. But please don’t tell us at the end of the course that it would have been much easier if you had just that one package installed.


If you catch a bug, cannot solve a problem with the generic Labs environment or even miss an important software package, please open an issue in our GitLab (Login with TUaccount required).