TU Wien Informatics

Acceptable Use Policy

You will have to accept and comply to the acceptable use policy in order to get your lab account.

The following lab policy applies to your InfLab accounts

  1. You are not allowed to eat in the lab.

  2. Be careful while drinking. No mugs or cups allowed (they could be poured out by accident).

  3. Keep the hardware, tables, and floor (and the walls…) clean.

  4. Always make sure that all doors of all lab rooms are closed. Only tutors are allowed to keep them open during their service hours.

  5. In case you or your group share a lab room with others, keep the noise as low as possible, e.g. no loud conversations, no extended cell phone calls, etc.

  6. Do not power down client, just log out.

  7. Never turn off the displays.

  8. Do not lock clients and leave for more than a few minutes.

  9. The InfLab is part of TUNET, which means you’re subject to the TUNET Acceptable Use Policy, even when you’re logged in remotely.

  10. Your account data may be available to the course supervisor after the end of the course.

  11. If you don’t comply with these rules, your physical and virtual access to the lab may be suspended.